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RADA to Build Capacity in 2015

The strategic direction of the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA) for 2015 will be capacity building of its staff and realigning the agency to become more technical in its operations; improve crop and livestock production; and encourage new entrants to the sector, with greater focus on women and youth.

The production of Goat and Sheep meat is good business!

The revolution in agriculture has begun, and if young people are to be brought back into the lucrative business of agriculture the time is now, as the conditions have never been better. Money is back in farming and the area of goat and sheep or small ruminant production is not only worthwhile, its profitable.

The National Irish Potato Expansion Programme

It is the objective of all major countries in the world to have the ability to feed their population, and the objective of Agriculture Minister The Hon. Derrick Kellier to have Jamaica self sufficient in food production is not only laudable but downright sensible. 

Cattle in Jamaica – The way forward

Cattle production in Jamaica is on its way back, and RADA is encouraging farmers and other business persons  who have access to land to get into the business. While  there are other areas of agriculture that appear equally as promising, the cattle business may be the best place to get a start. 

New 'lease on life' for bananas under RADA

Banana is on its way back, and the Ministry of Agriculture through RADA is encouraging young farmers among others, to once again grow the commodity. The market has once again opened up in the UK and there is a growing market for Jamaican bananas in Trinidad and Tobago. 
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