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Ecological Liquid Fertilizer Developed in Cuba

Havana, Dec 18 (ACN) The Engineering and Chemical Research Center belonging to the Chemistry Industry Group in Havana has developed the CBFERT ecological liquid fertilizer with the objective of reducing the use of chemical products in agriculture.

Carmen Rodriguez researcher of the center, told ACN, that the product, useful for the advantage of the soil's nutrients has been applied in crops like vegetables (tomato, peppers, cucumber, lettuce and others), fruit trees (melon and guava), ornamental plants and flowers, in addition to test trials in potato and rice.

The chemical engineer pointed out that the ecological fertilizer is evaluated by the Agriculture Engineering of the Research Institute in Havana in addition to the Indio Hatuey Experimental Pasture and Forage Station in Matanzas.

CBFERT has a favorable environmental effect based in the reduction of the loss of nutrients after being applied on the soil and its immediate absorption.

According to Gonzalez, the Pharmacy and Food Institute of the University of Havana and the National Toxicology Center carried out several trials with rabbits, rats, worms and bees with nontoxic results of the product.

She added that the production began this year at the Engineering and Chemical Research Center closing the innovation cycle and awaits its social use.

The specialist also referred to the MINAG Agriculture Group which began a protocol of comparative study between Bayfolan Forte, sector imported by the German Bayer firm and CBFERT with examples that there were no difference in agricultural yields and quality of the productions.

Gonzalez pointed out that recently they began commercializing the product and expecting an increase in 2017 which will allow the substitution of imports with Bayfolan Forte.

The researcher stressed that CBFERT is registered by the Cuban office of Industrial Property.

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