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China to Counterattack New U.S. Tariff Offensive

Beijing, Jul 11 (Prensa Latina) China today condemned and described as irrational the United States'' decision to impose additional 10-percent tariffs worth 200 billion dollars on its imports, and noted that it will counterattack that measure.
The Ministry of Trade said in a communiqué that Washington's attitude is totally unacceptable, because in addition to affecting Chinese business, it puts the world and its own companies at risk.

Beijing has prepared since last month an increase in tariffs on 114 U.S. goods, including chemicals, energy products and medical equipment, in response to the new U.S. action.

On July 6, the United States unleashed a trade war against China by implementing additional 25-percent tariffs worth 34 billion dollars on Chinese imports containing technology of industrial importance.

Beijing reacted automatically with a similar increase in tariffs and value on 545 U.S. products, including agricultural food and vehicles.

In addition, it implemented measures aimed at minimizing the economic impact and protecting the entrepreneurial sector from the U.S. protectionist offensive by increasing the purchase of products in other regions, expanding foreign investments and improving the environment for business.


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