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USA | Texas Democrat's Anti-Male Masturbation Bill Rubs GOP Wrong Way

A demonstrator carries a sign during an abortion rights march that originated at the State Capitol in Austin, Texas, July 8, 2013. | Photo: Reuters A demonstrator carries a sign during an abortion rights march that originated at the State Capitol in Austin, Texas, July 8, 2013. | Photo: Reuters
A Texas woman politician has taken a jab at the state’s conservative reproductive rights legislation by introducing the "Man's Right To Know Act," a satirical piece of legislation that would criminalize men for masturbating and require men who want a vasectomy, colonoscopy or a Viagra prescription to undergo "a medically-unnecessary digital rectal exam."

Jessica Farrar, the politician that put the bill forward, said the act would deem ejaculation outside either a vagina or medical facility as an "act against an unborn child, and failing to preserve the sanctity of life," mimicking much of the language used in legislation surrounding women’s abortion rights in the state.

The proposed law would require health facilities to hand out pamphlets to men considering vasectomies, with additional information about Viagra and colonoscopies, similar to how Texas distributes copies of "A Woman's Right to Know" — a misleading booklet on abortion and fertility designed to dissuade women from terminating pregnancies — to pregnant women.

The act would also allow doctors to "invoke their personal, moralistic, or religious beliefs in refusing to perform an elective vasectomy or prescribe Viagra."

It also adds: "Masturbatory emissions created in health or medical facilities will be stored for the purposes of conception for a current or future wife."

Speaking about the intention of the bill, Farrar told the outlet My San Antonio, "A lot of people find the bill funny. What's not funny are the obstacles that Texas women face every day, that were placed there by legislatures making it very difficult for them to access healthcare."

Most recently, Republican Tony Tinderhold introduced the "Abolition Of Abortion in Texas Act," which if passed, would mean that women who have an abortion could be charged with murder. The proposed legislation is currently in the committee stage.

Tinderhold also lashed out against Farrar's bill, arguing that women's and men's rights over their bodies are nothing alike, while underlining his lack of respect for women by insulting Farrar's intelligence in the same breath. 

“Her attempt to compare (the bill) to the abortion issue shows a lack of a basic understanding of human biology," Tinderhold said in a statement. "I would recommend that she consider taking a high school biology class from a local public or charter school before filing another bill on the matter."

But while the bill mocks anti-abortion legislation, for Farrar and feminists fighting to uphold Roe vs. Wade from an barrage of anti-choice assaults, reproductive rights are no laughing matter. 

“Women are not laughing at state-imposed regulations and obstacles that interfere with their ability to legally access safe healthcare, and subject them to fake science and medically unnecessary procedures," Farrar wrote on her Facebook page Saturday. "Texans deserve to be treated with the same amount of respect when making healthcare decisions, regardless of their gender."

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