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GUYANA | Construction of Guyana to Brazil road to begin in October

GEORGETOWN,  Guyana, Sept. 22, 2019 - The first phase of the project to have a paved highway between Guyana and Brazil  is expected to commence on October 1. So says Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson who has assured that the days of having to carefully trek through the dangerous Linden-to-Lethem trail are coming to an end.

Speaking at the launch of Cargo Consolidators Agency (CCA) Guyana Inc. at the Marriott Hotel on Friday evening, Patterson said Guyana had secured funding from the British Government through its UKCIF programme to complete the design of the road.

“The final mission from the United Kingdom (UK) Caribbean Infrastructure Partnership Fund (UKCIF) programme was here and we have decided that there will be paved road between Guyana and Brazil,”  Patterson said.

“We have long cherished a usable land link between Guyana and Brazil because we see business opportunities,”  he added.

The Minister said the first phase of the project to be launched on October 1, covers approximately 125 kilometres of the Linden to Mabura Hill road and includes a bridge across the Kurupukari River.

The journey from Lethem to Georgetown takes as many as 13 hours depending on the state of the road. It is projected that once paved, the trip will take no more than five hours.

Brazil has welcomed this development with Director in the Brazilian External Affairs Ministry, Norberto Moretti commenting that: “it is clearer now the potential benefits of getting this road paved; Brazil is very aware of its shortcomings in terms of infrastructure and the need to bring down production costs.”

Guyana’s ambassador to Brazil, George Talbot, said, “I see a benefit to connecting Guyana domestically, Guyana to Brazil, and Brazil to the rest of the world.” He however cautioned that the road was only one aspect of the project.

“The road will not be enough in itself; it will have to be allied with the construction of adequate port facilities. The equation is really the port plus the road to make the project economically viable,” said Talbot.


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