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GUYANA | UK conducting training workshop for immigration officers

Minister of Citizenship Winston Felix addressing the workshop Minister of Citizenship Winston Felix addressing the workshop
GEORGETOWN, Guyana, Mar 20, CMC – The Guyana government Monday said it welcomed the decision by the United Kingdom government to train immigration officers here.

“This training is just to reinforce government’s policy, to provide the highest quality of service to the public and to visitors whether they come to tour or with skills for Guyana’s development. We must view this training in terms of what we are doing to harden our passport against fraudulent activities,” Minister of Citizenship, Winston Felix, said at the opening of the weeklong workshop.

He said that the United Kingdom, through its High Commissioner, Greg Quinn, has agreed to assist the Guyana government to upgrade the skills of the immigration officers and for them to leave a lasting impression on visitors and passengers.

Felix indicated that often persons attempt to transport illicit substances including cocaine and even traffic persons. He noted that this must be identified and stopped at the immigration level.

The Minister of Citizenship urged the participants to use the information provided to improve their attitude as this would enhance Guyana’s immigration department’s efficiency.

Quinn said the UK’s assistance has been provided by the national crime agency, but there are other areas of assistance where the UK’s experience could be helpful.

“Firstly the overview of human trafficking and how important (is) the immigration service of the police force… secondly  to help enhance existing forgeries and interviewing  skills of you the immigration officers, to allow you to deal with arriving passengers in line with immigration policy, and thirdly to give you an increased awareness of the latest trends and concerns in the wider Caribbean region,” he added.

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