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GUYANA | US President congratulates Guyana on 47 years of Republican status

Featured US President Donald Trump US President Donald Trump
GEORGETOWN, Guyana, Feb. 23, CMC – US President Donald Trump on Thursday congratulated President David Granger as Guyana marks 47 years since attaining Republican status. Trump said the US remains committed to the long-standing friendship with Guyana, noted that the country is a leader in the region.

“As you mark 47 years as a republic, know that the United States remains as committed as ever to our close friendship and partnership on common interests such as economic development, good governance and environmental protection.”

“I would also like to acknowledge Guyana’s role as a regional leader, which has been clearly on display since you assumed the rotating chair of the Caribbean Community on January 1,” Trump said.

david grangermoses nagamootoo
President David Granger and Prime Minister Moses Nagamooto

Meanwhile, in his message, Prime Minister Moses Nagamooto said the celebration coincides with the 100th anniversary of the abolition of Indian Indentureship

“ Our Indian ancestors lived and worked under oppressive conditions, yet they helped to lay the foundations for economic growth and imbued their off-springs with passion and purpose to fight for the independence of our country. Today, I pay tribute to the memory of our Indian ancestors, and celebrate the end to indentureship as a victory of their early struggles for freedom.”

He also said February 23 marked another anniversary as on this day over 250 years ago African slaves revolted in Berbice.

“Their dreams like those of former indentured servants, were to be free from bondage.  Their aspirations were for them to be treated with dignity and respect.  When Guyana became a Republic in 1970, we realized these dreams.   We celebrate this year with “dignity, liberty and greater unity” – the theme of Mashramani 2017.”

According to Nagamooto, Republican status has given Guyana identity, a national personality.

“As Guyanese republicans we became equal with all other nationalities in the world.   Today, we are proud Guyanese of different ethnicities, living side by side, in a stable democracy…”

“We are not aliens, refugees or illegal migrants.  We are free, independent and proud Guyanese citizens!  We no longer owe allegiance to any Monarchs or foreign Flags.  Our country, the Cooperative Republic of Guyana, is our common home, our Motherland,” he said.

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