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ST. LUCIA | Prime Minister says UK snap election gives government clear mandate

Featured Prime Minister Allen Chastenet Prime Minister Allen Chastenet
CASTRIES, St Lucia, Apr. 19, CMC-Prime Minister Allen Chastanet, has asserted that the snap election call in the United Kingdom creates a certain amount of stability, as it provides a clear mandate to her administration.

On Wednesday, Chastanet told reporters that Prime Minister Theresa May, who announced a June 8 poll, has obviously seen an opportunity and has made her government’s position very clear.

“There was a lot of skepticism as to whether in fact after the referendum she would have proceeded, so  she made  the announcement that she was actually going to proceed – she has actually now triggered Article 50 at the EU to indicate that England is going to proceed with extracting itself from the EU,” he said.

“Having an election now gives a very clear mandate to her government which creates stability,” he noted, adding that  on Tuesday morning the pound strengthened.

“For St Lucia to be more competitive in the UK market, we need to see a pound of around 150 to on 160– that will drive not only arrivals into St Lucia but our real estate market,” the PM asserted.

He said anything England can do to strengthen confidence in the UK is a good thing.

“I think having an election at this time when she only has a minor majority in the house will certainly, hopefully give her the leeway to be able to push more aggressively what she is attempting to do,” Chastanet said.

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