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Venezuela Rejects False US Accusations, Interference

Caracas, Jan 21 (Prensa Latina) Venezuela rejected today the statement published on Friday by the US embassy here, in which the Donald Trump administration ''launches false accusations'' against the government of President Nicolás Maduro.
The protest note issued by the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry states that the Trump administration evades its responsibility in the repeated aggressions against the people of the South American nation and the leadership of the State, democratically and constitutionally elected.

The communique specified that the Venezuelan authorities dismissed the distorted interpretation of the United States government to the accusations to alert the world about the serious threat that hangs over this country, due to Washington's decision to promote the overthrow of Nicolás Maduro.

'Venezuela is today a country under permanent siege, subjected to a cruel, inhuman and illegal economic, commercial and financial blockade, unilaterally imposed, in violation of all the norms of International Law and the United Nations Charter, on the part of of the government of President Donald Trump, 'the text noted. The Foreign Ministry statement added that the United States finances, protects and encourages groups that seek to gain power through violent means, and articulates the international strategy against Caracas, all in order to appropriate the wealth of the South American nation.

The statement from the Foreign Affairs Ministry stressed the constant calls by President Maduro to his US counterpart to rebuild bilateral relations based on respect, dialogue and non-interference in internal affairs.

He also recalled the illegal unilateral sanctions imposed on Venezuela by the administration of Donald Trump, who went so far as to make threats of military intervention.

The Venezuelan government reiterated its firm determination to protect the people, to defend national independence and sovereignty, and at the same time demanded the cessation of aggressions against Simón Bolívar's homeland.


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