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JAMAICA calls on the United States to lift the Cuban Embargo

Featured Attorney General Marlene Malahoo-Forte piloted the resolution in parliament calling on the United States to life the economic embargo against Cuba. Attorney General Marlene Malahoo-Forte piloted the resolution in parliament calling on the United States to life the economic embargo against Cuba.
KINGSTON,  October 31m 2018 - Jamaica's parliamentarians, in a rare display of parliamentary unity, yesterday passed yet another resolution demanded that the United States of America end its nearly six decades of economic blockade against the government and people of the Republic of Cuba.

 The resolution was tabled in the Jamaican Parliament  on behalf of the Government by Attorney General Marlene Malahoo-Forte, who said "The government of the United States must totally eliminate the blockade on Cuba unilaterally and unconditionally," as she opened the debate.

She noted that the decades old economic blockade  to Jamaica's closest neighoour, "constitutes an aggression on the right to peace, development and the free determination of sovereign states."

Opposition Leader Dr Peter Phillips, in supporting the resolution, described the blockade as a "deepening threat to global stability and the progress of the Caribbean people".

"What we should be urging in this House is that Jamaica should be raising our voice in the international community, in CARICOM, so that we all stand together and speak as one voice," said Phillips.

Western Westmoreland MP, Dr. Wykeham McNeil as well as MP for South West St. Andrew, Dr. Angela Brown Burke, spoke of the kindness and hospitality of the Cuban people that they experienced while living in Cuba as university students.

Leader of Opposition Business and Member of Parliament for East Kingston and Port Royal  Phillip Paulwell spoke of the versatility and ingenuity of the Cuban people, while Health Minister Dr. Tufton, spoke of the long tradition of assistance in health given to  the Jamaica people and many countries of the world by the Cuan government.

Member of Parliament for Northern Clarendon Horace Dalley, spoke of the tremendous assistance given to the Jamaican people by Cuba in the area of Education, pointing out the schools donated to the Jamaican peole such as Garvey Maceo, the GC Foster College, and the Fidel Castro Campus of the Anchovy High School in Montpelier, St. James.

he US economic embargo was first imposed against Cuba in 1962. There were signs that relations between the US and Cuba were thawing when former US President Barack Obama announced a softening of the sanctions. But since taking office last year, incumbent US President Donald Trump has expanded the sanctions.

According to Malahoo-Forte, the embargo has caused accumulated damage totalling $934 billion. She called on the US to comply with the 26 resolutions adopted by the international community through the United Nations General Assembly and end the sanctions.

"The blockade violates international laws. It is contrary to the purposes and principles of the UN Charter," she said.



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