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JAMAICA | Crawford calls for special action against child killers

Featured JAMAICA | Crawford calls for special action against child killers
Kingston, Jamaica, October 23, 2018: The People’s National Party Shadow Minister of Youth, Senator Damion Crawford, is calling for urgent and decisive action against child killers in Jamaica, including designating them enemies of the state.

In a statement today, following the report of the killing of 14 year old Ravon Wilson over last weekend, the Senator urged legislative changes to provide for additional charges against child killer suspects.

He wants changes made to minimum sentencing these suspects and the creation of a special police unit to hunt child killers and bring them to justice.

Senator Crawford said in his opinion crimes against children are becoming too heinous and frequent because the perpetrators are perceiving little risk of being caught and therefore they act with impunity. He said that in his considered assessment, the overall fight against crime should include increasing the risk for the criminals, starting with crimes against children.

The PNP Shadow Minister said child killers are enemies of the state and should be so designated in the amendments to the current laws. He also believes that these changes should be made to demonstrate the abhorrence of the society against these acts of violence on children.

He said pressure must be put on the government to find ways of reflecting the society’s demand to protect the most vulnerable and strengthen the child protection agencies.

Senator Crawford noted that almost forty (40) children have been murdered in 2018 and all their blood would have been spilt in vain if the entire society, led by the government, is not called to action to ensure a safe environment for our young citizens, who are Jamaica’s future

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