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JAMAICA | Energy Minister sues Mark Golding for alleged defamation

Featured Embattled Energy Minister Dr. Andrew Wheatley Embattled Energy Minister Dr. Andrew Wheatley
KINGSTON,  Jamaica June 30, 2018 - Lawyers for Energy Minister Dr Andrew Wheatley yesterday filed a defamation lawsuit against Opposition spokesman on finance Mark Golding, for alleged defamation of character arising from comments reportedly posted on Golding's Facebook page.

The claim, which was filed in the Supreme Court by  attorneys, Chukwuemeka Cameron and his wife Carolyn, alleges that the words that were contained in an alleged post on the social media website, published on or around June 14 and which were republished on various social media platforms and electronic media, were in furtherance of an attempt to destroy Dr Wheatley's integrity.

The post that was reportedly made surrounds the investigation being done in relation to an alleged multimillion-dollar money laundering scheme involving an employee at the State-run National Energy Solutions (NESOL) and questions that were allegedly asked by the defendant.

Dr Wheatley, in his lawsuit, is also claiming that the alleged defamatory post laid the foundation on which Opposition Leader Dr Peter Phillips had called for his resignation.

Dr Wheatley's lawyer, in the lawsuit, pointed out that, “As a consequence of the defamatory statements the claimant's personal and professional reputation have seriously been damaged and he has suffered considerable distress and embarrassment, including numerous telephone calls and comment by associates, friends and acquaintances and has been subjected to calls by various media personalities and journalists and has been shunned and/or avoided by fellow citizens.”

Dr Wheatley, in the lawsuit, indicated that by virtue of what was posted he has “been severely injured in his credit, character and reputation as a reputable and trustworthy elected official”. He also said that he has been brought into public scandal, odium and contempt; has been lowered in the estimation of right-thinking members of society generally and has suffered damages in his profession, trade and business.

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