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JAMAICA | Major Police-Military operation underway in MoBay

Featured Detachment of Jamaican police and soldiers on operation Detachment of Jamaican police and soldiers on operation
MONTEGO BAY,  January 18, 2017 - A major police-Military operation is now underway in Montego Bay  after Prime Minister Andrew Holness yesterday declared that the government was ready to take firm and resolute measures to deal with the scourge of crime. This he said will be done within the context of the law and the preservation of human rights

A full military-police operation began early this morning following the deployment  of a full detachment of soldiers of the Jamaica Defence Force and police from the Mobile Reserve to Montego Bay.

Its understood that they will be further deployed to  the troubled areas of the parish to include the communities of Flanker, Cambridge, Retrieve, Bickersteth, Salt Spring and Granville among other areas.

The details of the operation are not immediately available.

However, it is in response to a surge in shootings and murders in the western parish.

The latest incidents occurred three hours apart near the round-a-bout to the Sangster International Airport on Tuesday leaving one man dead and three others seriously hurt.

Speaking in Mandeville Manchester at the 50th Anniversary of Fontana Pharmacy yesterday,  Prime Minister  Andrew Holness addressed the matter of crime affecting the country indicating that the crime fighting measures will be firm and resolute. 

“We have reached the point where we are prepared to take these firm and resolute measures to ensure that the crime monster does not destabilise the promising future that is in store for Jamaica,” said Holness.

He said the fight against crime is not just the police or the government and observed that  it will take everyone to reach the point of understanding that the government must act and act in a resolute fashion with respect for the rights and dignity of the people.

The Prime Minister went on to say that the government must now put in place the laws and the measures to deal with those who are destabilizing the country.

“The truth is that the people who are committing the crime is a minute percentage. 99% of Jamaican’s are decent law abiding upstanding people who want to see this country grow and prosper,” Holness declared.

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