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JAMAICA | Hanna wants water for drought-ravaged St Ann

Featured JAMAICA | Hanna wants water for drought-ravaged St Ann
St. Ann, Jamaica, July 23,2018: People’s National Party (PNP) Member of Parliament for South East St Ann Lisa Hanna says the severity of the drought in sections of the parish is threatening life and property and that urgent action must be taken by the Holness government against the ravages of the dry spell.

 Ms. Hanna says the parish council tanks are out of water and the local springs which usually supply the precious fluid to deep rural communities have gone almost dry and unsustainable. 

“Some people have been without water for weeks now, the spring in some places like Johnnys Spring is very, very low. I have to be contracting trucks at $25,000 per load, but this is an untenable situation.” Ms. Hanna said.

The trucks owned by the parish council are currently out of service and the majority of householders cannot afford the costs for private trucks to transport water for their domestic use.

“It is difficult to service the entire constituency as the residents are depending on the trucking of water, which for many is a very expensive undertaking. Farmers are having it hard especially for those who plant cash crops, children are home from school and the lack of water is concerning. There are health considerations that cannot be taken for granted. It is critical that water is trucked into the communities. A drought mitigation plan has to be urgently effected.”

With small farms wilting under the severe drought, farmers and their families are facing economic ruin, and this is troubling as many depend on their food crops to send their children back to school.

In the absence of a sustainable plan of action, Ms. Hanna says, persons may be forced to utilise untreated water for domestic purposes and this could result in an increase in waterborne diseases.

“Something must be done by this government to deal with the issues of climate change as severe weather conditions continue to threaten our communities and our families are left with no help from neither the parish council nor the central government.” said Ms. Hanna who visited frustrated residents in Fletchers Land. 

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