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JAMAICA | Lambert Lambasts JLP Gov’t for Political Victimization

Opposition Senator Lambert Brown has criticised the Government for "worrying signs of political victimization." Opposition Senator Lambert Brown has criticised the Government for "worrying signs of political victimization."
KINGSTON, FEBRUARY 8, 2017 - Opposition Senator Lambert Brown has criticised the Andrew Holness administration for what he says are “worrying signs of an attempt to reintroduce blatant political victimization into the body politic of our nation.”

In making his contribution to the State of the Nation debate in the Senate last Friday, Senator Brown pointed out that “over the last thirty (30) years much work has gone into reducing political victimization and to detribalize our politics.”

The Opposition Senator said it was sad that “strenuous efforts are being made by some...in this administration to drag us back to this sordid state. We in this Senate must stand and be counted against political victimization.”

Senator Brown pointed to a number of incidents of what he said were blatant examples of political victimization being practised by members of the Holness administration. These include:

The unequal distribution of Labour Day clean up allocation with less going to opposition MPs than government MPs;
The abuse of state funds in the Ministry of Agriculture, through the partisan device of PMOs bypassing the established Jamaica Agriculture Society branch system;
The unfair and blatant partisan distribution of overseas employment by the Ministry of Labour;
The scandalous expenditure of $800 million of tax payer’s money to bolster the sagging fortune of the administration during the recent Local Government Election. This is now the subject of an investigation by the OCG.
The Opposition Senator pointed out that some fifteen Public Sector professional managers were fired from several state agencies including the heads of :The Urban Development Corporation, Caymanas Track Limited, Jamaica Urban Transit Company, Passport Immigration and Citizenship Agency, the Housing Agency of Jamaica, Universal Service Limited, the Firearm Licensing Authority, the Trade Board, the Transport Authority. Rural Agricultural Development Agency, the Betting, Gaming and Lotteries Commission, Universal Service Ltd, the National Irrigation Commission and Petrojam

He noted that “none of these heads of Agencies who were separated from their jobs were the subject of any disciplinary enquiry. In addition, he said none were as a result of performance evaluation exercises in which the principle of natural justice applied.

This is not fair,” he declared and questioned that “If professional managers are treated in this way, how will the thousands of lower level workers be treated when the Public Sector transformation takes effect in August of this year?”

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