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JAMAICA | MP Natalie Neita Salutes the Life of Dr. Cynthia Thompson

PNP Spokespersopnj on Sports, MP Natalie Neita PNP Spokespersopnj on Sports, MP Natalie Neita
Kingston, Jamaica: The People’s National Party (PNP) is extending deep condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of Dr. Cynthia Thompson who passed away on Friday. Dr. Thompson was a pioneering Jamaican athlete who was one of only four females to represent Jamaica at the country’s first entry to the Olympics in London in 1948.

Opposition spokesperson on Sports Natalie Neita in reflecting on the life of Dr. Thompson said “Phenomenal, trail-blazing, trend setting are just some of the words which comes to mind when reflecting on the life of this extra ordinary Jamaican. Dr. Thompson competed for us at our very first Olympics, and though she didn’t win a medal she holds the enviable record of being the first Jamaican woman to qualify for the finals of an event at the Olympics, and the first Jamaican woman to break an Olympic record”.

In highlighting the grit and dexterity of Dr. Cynthia Thompson, Neita further adds ïn those times the athletes from Jamaica travelled to the Olympics by sea, a journey which lasted for two weeks and Dr. Thompson was sea sick, and it is understood that she was throwing up every day and lost a considerable amount of weight. The fact that she still competed after such an ordeal only goes to further highlight the strength that she possessed and the burning desire which existed to represent her country”.

Dr. Cynthia Thompson was a beacon of light and laid the blue print for the outstanding history and tradition that Jamaica has developed over many years of producing stellar female athletes who have dominated on the world on Olympic stages. And having passed on the day the world celebrated International Women’s Day (IWD), Dr. Cynthia Thompson stands tall as an example of the exceptional contribution that women have made and continues to make to the development of the Jamaican society.

We salute Dr. Thompson for being a strong positive example to young Jamaicans that in spite of challenges and circumstances; with the grit, determination, and desire to compete, the impossible can be achieved.


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