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JAMAICA | 'Cruz', one of St. James most wanted shot dead, 'Prekeh' on the run

Featured JAMAICA | 'Cruz', one of St. James most wanted shot dead, 'Prekeh' on the run
MONTEGO BAY, Jamaica, November 12, 2018 - A member of the notorious Ratty gang, which has been terrorising the communities of Cambridge and Retrieve, in St James, Richard Anderson also known as Cruz, was reportedly shot and killed in a confrontation with members of the security forces in bushes near Cambridge this morning.

cruz weaponsCruz was killed in a gunfight with members of the military and his M16  assault weapon recovered.

Initially, it was reported that the new leader of the notorious gang, Delano 'Prekeh' Wilmot was the one who had been shot and killed by the security forces.

But residents say the photograph of the slain gunman is that of the much feared sidekick Cruz.

It is now believed that 'Prekeh' may be nursing gunshot wounds in the bushes, as he was together with Cruz during the firefight but managed to escape. 

'Prekeh' is now being tracked by members of the security forces in the thick underbrush of the Richmond Hill, Catadupa and Retrieve areas.

The security forces are advising residents to be on the lookout for Wilmott OC 'Prekeh' who is currently on the run.

Residents say several military helicopters provided aerial coverage for security force personnel on the ground, as they conducted the military operation in the Catadupa, Richmond Hill, Maizeland and Retrieve communities.

The joint police military operation which began early this morning, was intended to capture two of Jamaica’s most wanted men, Delano Wilmott  otherwise called Prekeh and Richard Anderson OC Cruz who are wanted in connection with numerous crimes including multiple murders.

The security forces are urging Prekeh to turn himself in to the police at once.

They are also reminding residents that not only is it a crime to harbor a fugitive, but it is also very dangerous as this individual is extremely violent and heavily armed.

Wilmot, who is wanted for several murders, increased in notoriety in recent months when he led an ambush in the Retrieve area against members of the security forces, in which two soldiers were shot and injured.

He became the leader of the killer gang when its original leader, Ryan ‘Ratty’ Peterkin, was killed earlier this year.  

Residents are urged to call the JDF TIP line at 876-837-8888 to report any information or knowledge that they may have about Prekeh's whereabouts.

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