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JAMAICA | PM responds to police - Cabinet to discuss wages

Featured Jamaican police constables on parade. Jamaican police constables on parade.
KINGSTON, Jamaica January 3, 2018 - Prime Minister Andrew Holness today responded to the Jamaica Police Federation which is seeking a meeting with him to discuss their wage dispute with the government. Instead of indicating a meeting date however, he indicated to the police that the wage negotiations will be discussed at a Cabinet meeting next Monday.
Prime Minister Andrew Holness today responded to the Federation's call for his intervention and said he has been having discussions with both Finance Minister Audley Shaw and National Security Minister Robert Montague.
He told the Federation in a letter dated today, that the issue requires a much broader discussion with the Ministry of Finance given the far reaching implications.
Prime Minister Holness told the Federation that at next Monday's Cabinet meeting, further consideration and advice will be given to the Minister and his negotiating team.
The island's rank and file police officers have staged sickouts in protest over the government's wage offer of six per cent over two years.

Holness, in his letter to the federation, said he understands and appreciates the challenges, personal sacrifice and ultimate danger with which law enforcement officers must contend.

He said the government highly values the service and contribution of policemen and women in providing security for the nation, which is a prerequisite for economic growth and job creation.

However, the prime minister pointed out that there has to be consideration for the “delicate” state and stage of Jamaica's economic recovery and that present action will determine whether or not Jamaica stays on the course to recovery.

“It is in our collective interest to ensure that Jamaica stays on the right track,” Holness emphasised.

Last month the federation shot down the four per cent increase in year one, and two per cent in year two offer as “unacceptable”, after several rounds of talks with the finance ministry, which resulted in approximately 2,730 rank-and-file members calling in sick.

Days ago, general secretary of the federation Sergeant Cecil McCalla said the men and women of the JCF would not accept the Government's “sluggish, stubborn and unreasonable” position and that it was grossly disappointing that the Administration had returned with essentially the same offer as before.

The police argued that they had been assured by Finance Minister Audley Shaw at a mid-December meeting that he would separate them from other public sector groups and that Cabinet would be asked to consider a reduced set of items.

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