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JAMAICA | The PNP Wants a Forensic Audit at Petrojam

Featured General Secretary of the Peoples National Party, (PNP)  Julian Robinson General Secretary of the Peoples National Party, (PNP) Julian Robinson
KINGSTON, December 5, 2018 - The People’s National Party is calling for a forensic audit to be conducted at Petrojam following the report of the Auditor General into operations at the state owned entity. The Party notes that the AG’s report confirms a number of the concerns that it raised from as far back as May of this year.

In a statement today, the PNP said in addition to the forensic audit of the state owned agency, the matter should be immediately referred to the Commissioner of Police to begin criminal investigations into a number of what appears to be questionable transactions, including the donation of funds, payments to consultants and direct contracting of suppliers.

The Party notes that the Auditor General’s Report raised issues which occurred at Petrojam under the last PNP Administration. The Party is committed to the principles of accountability and transparency and welcomes a more detailed probe to determine who should be held accountable for the losses at the entity.

The party said the forensic audit and the police investigation are necessary to ascertain what exactly took place at the state owned oil refinery, and who are the culprits responsible for the disappearance or misappropriation of millions of tax-payers’funds.

“The authorities must follow the money, until it is known who is responsible; andwe anticipate that those found guilty will be punished for their actions,” said the General Secretary of the Party Julian Robinson as he gave his first reaction to the report by the Auditor General which was tabled in Parliament yesterday.

The PNP said the forensic audit must be thorough and consistent with the period of gross irregularities at the agency.

The Party is also calling for restitution by the former Minister and the former Chairman, Perceval Bahado-Singh of the over $2.6m paid for personal parties to celebrate their birthdays. “They could not in good conscience expect the poor people of Jamaica to pay for their lavish personal parties, including a birthday cake for $130, 000,” Mr. Robinson said. The party is demanding this repayment forthwith and for public notice when such restitution is made.

The Party said mere resignations of persons from the government or Petrojam were insufficient to compensate for the outright debacle uncovered by the Auditor General. All those who are involved willingly or unwillingly inthe criminal conduct at the agency must be investigated and brought to book.


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