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Montague takes on Police corruption

Featured Montague takes on Police corruption
KINGSTON, Jamaica — National Security Minister Robert Montague has taken on what may be his biggest fight yet: the fight against corruption within the Jamaica Constabulary Force, declaring “Let's clean the yard before we dance abroad.”

Speaking at the 73rd Annual Joint Central Conferences of the Jamaica Police Federation in Montego Bay on Wednesday, Montague proclaimed that a clean-up of the JCF was necessary for the reduction of crime in the country.

“As a country we have fought long and hard to emancipate our people from the evil of slavery, the backwardness of colonialism and ills of political tribalism; we must draw on this same strength and resolve to emancipate ourselves from the scourge of crime that has entrenched itself in the society and the cancer of corruption that threatens the force,” he said.

In that regard, he pleaded with the Police Federation to pledge its support and assist him to take firm action against the scourge of corruption that had taken over the force.

“Corruption is not only taking a bribe, or looking the other way, it's also not promoting people who deserve it. It is also being involved in lotto scamming, it is also removing the registration on the tag off service vehicles and using it on your own vehicle, corruption is also running your own illegal taxi while pressuring licensed taxi operators.”

“Corruption is also collecting a ‘Partner draw’ from illegal taxi operators but you never throw no hand inna de partner.”

“Corruption is one officer assigning two service vehicles to themselves, while stations have none. Corruption, is falsifying claims, selling parts or using the service vehicles as private vehicles. Corruption is not serving the warrant on your squaddie, not serving the maintenance order, yet your squaddie reports for duty every day, yet he can't be ‘found’,” Montague said. “Too many policemen are being taken before the courts for maintenance orders.”

He insisted that it is a priority that must be embraced by all Jamaicans if the stranglehold of crime is to be removed from citizens.

Last modified onFriday, 13 May 2016 08:45

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