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HAITI-Electoral Council wants for peaceful election on Sunday

President of the provisional Electoral Council (CEP), Léopold Berlanger. President of the provisional Electoral Council (CEP), Léopold Berlanger.
PORT AU PRINCE, Haiti, Jan 29, CMC – Haitians go to the polls on today, to elect senators and members of the local government with the President of the provisional Electoral Council (CEP), Léopold Berlanger, urging them to do so in dignity and without violence.

Berlanger said that on November 20, during the first round of the presidential and legislative elections, Haitians showed the world that they could “vote with dignity, without violence in respect of each other, to choose in adult, without scamming and in transparency a President, senators and deputies.

“Haitian people, I am proud of you and today I come back to you to tell you that the battle is not over, we come to the date January 29, 2017, which is the second round of the of the Senate’s supplementary elections (for eight senators) and at the same time we will have the CASEC and ASEC elections which have not been realized for more than 10 years…”

He said in addition voters will be asked to elect 568 cartels of Administration of the Communal Sections (ASEC).

“We know that these elections are of great importance to all our compatriots who live in the communal sections, in the plains and in the hills.

“These elections will allow you to choose the legitimate representatives in the local communities who will work together with other authorities in various fields such as: education, health, safety and good projects to improve your living conditions in communal sections. For the country to function well, it must not be lacking in any part of the State,” Berlanger added.

He said the CEP has taken steps to ensure that these elections continue to take place in good conditions.
“In the same way that you did on November 20, with your will, with your courage, with the love we have for our country, we give you an appointment for this 29th of January.

“We will take the path of the voting centres, we will vote to continue taking our destiny in hand in the union. In accordance with the rules of democracy, we will continue to respect the choices of the people according to the decisions of the majority,” Berlanger said.
“That is what we want for political stability, for peace, for development to take root in the country. To do that, citizens from all over the country, we will mobilize to vote in the January 29th elections. Let’s vote for our voice can count. Elections are everyone’s business,” he added.

Meanwhile, the National Police of Haiti (PNH) says it has taken measures “to ensure the smooth running of the polling day on Sunday” and that some restrictive measures will be taken from Saturday until throughout the country.

The police said there would be the suspension of all firearms licenses and persons would be prohibited from moving around with sharp, blunt or any other weapons.

It said private security companies will also assist in law enforcement activities and that unauthorised motorists and motorists would not be allowed to approach the Voting Centers, the Departmental Electoral Offices (BED) and the Communal Bureaux (BEC).

The police said there would also be a ban on the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages and no nightclubs will allow to operate.

“Any offender caught in the act will be arrested, stripped of the object prohibited and brought to justice for legal consequences,” the police said in the statement.

Last modified onSunday, 29 January 2017 07:14
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