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JAMAICA | PNP to put an end to squatting says Phillips

KINGSTON, Jamaica, April 25, 2018: Leader of the Opposition, Dr. Peter Phillips, M.P., said that the next People's National Party’s government will put an end to squatting and ensure that persons living on unregistered land have access to titles.

Dr. Phillips gave the assurance on Sunday evening at a political meeting in Brandon Hill, West Rural St Andrew where Attorney-at-Law Jennifer Housen was presented as the party’s standard-bearer for the constituency.

The Opposition Leader has been spreading the message of solving the problems of land titling after a study was completed by a commission that was established by the party to look into ending squatting in Jamaica.

The PNP President’s comments have caught the ear of Prime Minister Andrew Holness who had announced in the recent Budget Debate that the Government would be issuing seven thousand land titles per year.

In response to the announcement, Dr. Phillips said issuing seven thousand titles per year would not solve the present problem and that it shows that the Prime Minister has grossly under-estimated the extent of the issue. At this rate, it would take 40 to 50 years to fix the current problem and it also does not take into consideration any new issue which may arise.

“Our mission in the People’s National Party in our next term is to change that historical condition by having the most far reaching land titling effort ever seen in Jamaica. We intend to solve this problem during the lifetime of the next PNP government,” Dr. Phillips said.

Additionally, Dr. Phillips said that a government formed by the PNP would strike a new deal with farmers to increase productivity and drive the development of the country.

He said Dr. Fenton Ferguson, who was appointed as Shadow Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, would manage the development of rural areas as well as to ensure that there is equity in the distribution of goods and services to farmers.

The Opposition Leader emphasized that the PNP’s approach is more than land titles. “It’s not just land titles. We want a RADA that is not just working for ‘one colour’ people; we want a RADA that is willing to give service to all farmers regardless of political persuasion. We want modern farming that brings technology to the farm. We want to approach farming with handheld tractor which uses an irrigation system that pump water to the farm in an efficient manner; we cannot have modern day farming and depend on rainfall,” Dr. Phillips said.

Dr. Phillips also used the opportunity to applaud the Chairman of the Party, Mr. Fitz Jackson, M.P., for his work on the Banking Act and stated that the objective of the Banking Act falls within the policy of the new type of government which works for all.

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