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CANADA Condemns Israel's Decision to Deport Thousands of Africans

Featured CANADA Condemns Israel's Decision to Deport Thousands of Africans
Ottawa, Feb 20 (Prensa Latina) Canada condemns Israel''s decision to deport or imprison, starting from March, more than 37,000 refugees from Sudan and Eritrea living in that country, an official statement said today.
The Israeli authorities distributed notices to those affected that they have 60 days to leave the territory to some 'safe' African nation and, for that, they will give them an air ticket and several thousand dollars, and if they do not do so, they will go to prison indefinitely.

Canada does not support these mass deportation policies because the rights of these people are clearly set out in the Geneva Convention on the Status of Refugees, of which Tel Aviv is a signatory, noted Adam Austen, spokesman for the Canadian foreign minister. Chrystia Freeland, in a statement.

As the Ottawa authorities relocate the largest number of individuals coming from Israel seeking asylum here, 'we are in contact with the Government of Benjamin Netanyahu to convey him our regret for this whole situation,' the official added.

According to the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Agency of Canada, about 1,880 Eritrean refugees from Israel were relocated to this northern nation in 2016 and 2017, almost all under the auspices of private entities.

Although Tel Aviv does not mention the names of the countries to which the migrants would be transferred, whom Netanyahu describes as illegal infiltrated, the media mentions Rwanda and Uganda among the most likely.

Canada considers that the measures for the protection of human rights in Israel are based on the ethnic and religious origin of the individuals, for which it recommended that the Government of that country take measures to guarantee an equal and non-discriminatory institutional rapproachment towards all communities, including the Arab-Israelis and the Africans who seek asylum.


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