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Nigeria Calls On US Embassy Due to Trump's Insult

United States Embassy, in Abuja, Nigeria....... United States Embassy, in Abuja, Nigeria.......
Abuja, Jan 18 (Prensa Latina) Nigeria asked the US embassy for clarification on the insulting formulations about Africa made last week by President Donald Trump, the Foreign Ministry reported today.
We seek clarification on the veracity, or instead, the substance of the formulations, reported the spokesman of the Nigerian Foreign Ministry, Geoffrey Onyema.

In the absence of the ambassador, the call was attended by the second head of the diplomatic headquarters in Washington, David Young, who alleged that 'there are contradictory accounts on whether the statements were made,' said the spokesman.

We underline that, if true, (the descriptions) 'were deeply hurtful, offensive and unacceptable,' the official added, referring to statements by the US president, who described African states and Haiti and El Salvador as 'shithole countries.'

A statement from the U.S. diplomatic mission on the meeting described as 'very warm and cordial' relations between Nigeria and the United States.

After the anger and frustration created in Africa for the statements, speakers of the administration tried to undermine the event, confirmed by Democratic senators who attended the bipartisan meeting, focused on negotiations to eliminate a program of protection for the undocumented people put into effect by the government of former president Barack Obama.


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