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Over 15 Thousand Migrants Arrived in Europe in 2018

Geneva, Apr 6 (Prensa Latina) Around 15 thousand 290 undocumented arrived by sea to Europe during the first quarter of this year, while 517 died in the attempt, sayhs a report published today.
According to a report of the International Organization for Migrations (IOM), the number of persons who arrived to the Old Continent in that period is almost half of the amount registered in 2017 (31,060) and much les than that of 2016 (172,090).

This year, 44 percent of travelers arrived to Italy, 33 to Greece, 23 to Spain and less than one percent to Cyprus.

Most of them come from countries like Eritrea, Tunisia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Libya, Senegal, Mali and Algeria.

According to the IOM, until the momento died 217 migrants less than in 2017, but the amount of deaths is still worrying.

During 2016, the amount of deaths exceeded five thousand and last year fell to three thousand 300.

Nevertheless, it is difficult to predict what will happen in 2018, due to the complexity of the crisis, says the organization.

The lesser number of refugees sheltered by the member states of the European Union (EU) is related to the signing of an agreement with Turkey to reduce the migration flow.

Since the application of the polemic pact, which establishes the immediate and arbitrary return of all irregular travelers who arrive to Greek islands, they must take longer and more dangerous routes.

On the other hand, before the absence of effective mechanisms of transfer or approved asylum, thousands of them stay in facilities with precarious conditions, without medical assistance, food, security and necessary legal representation.

At the end of August, the High Commissioner of the United Nations for Refugees denounced the violence and difficulties suffered by the undocumented, mostly due to the inexistence of legal procedures of transit and a greater care on the part of authorities of the EU.

Promote actions to reduce the number of migrants, without simultaneous efforts for peace, development and in favor of secure routes is unacceptable. We cannot ignore the abuses simply because we don't see them, said Filippo Grandi, representative of that entity.

The EU must be more solidarious and secure protection and assistance to those who arrive in that continent. It is important to accelerate the processes of relocation, family reunification and application of humanitary measures, he stressed.


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