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Trinidad still awaiting confirmation from Turkey

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad, Aug 4, CMC – The Trinidad and Tobago government Thursday said it is still awaiting confirmation from Turkey that the nine people detained on their way to Syria to join the terrorist organisation, ISIS, are indeed Trinidad and Tobago nationals.
  • Published in Justice

Trinidadians nabbed on their way to Syria

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad, Aug 1, CMC – A Turkish newspaper Monday reported that nine Trinidad and Tobago nationals were detained after the police nabbed a Syrian man suspected to attempting to smuggle them into southern Turkey to join the ISIS terrorist organisation.

Failed Turkish Coup: Sabotage, Incompetence or Deception?

The Coup in Turkey remains yet to be understood but the first consequences are starting to reveal themselves To understand the coup in Turkey, we have to analyze the reasons that led the plot to fail. A premise: was there really an intention to overthrow and shut down Erdogan’s government? And who are those behind the coup? Starting from these questions and exploring the possible answers, we get a reasonable and authentic framework for a story still very confusing.
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Turkey: Whats behind the failed Military Coup?

The situation in Turkey kept getting worse. Private debt is out of control, the tourism sector is in free-fall and the decline in the currency has impacted every citizen’s buying power. Because of increasing pressures on the central bank and political storms, Turkey's annual growth rate has already slowed.

WHO REALLY Shoot Down the Russian Jet?

The United States and its NATO allies offered a ritual of NATO unity after Turkish officials presented their case that the shoot-down of a Russian jet occurred after two planes had penetrated Turkish airspace.

UHWI Gets Fully Equipped Ambulance From Turkey

The University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI) has received a fully equipped ambulance from the Government of Turkey. The unit was handed over recently, during a ceremony held on the grounds of the hospital.
  • Published in Health
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