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US Police Shot Unarmed Black Suspect 20 Times

Washington, Mar 22 (Prensa Latina) US media is today broadcasting videos in which two local police officers from Sacramento, California shot 20 times an African American suspicious of carrying a gun, when he actually what he was carrying was a cell phone.

Stephon Clark, a 22-year-old man died on Sunday after the police department received a call about a person who broke some windows and hid in a back yard, the public order authorities informed.

The Sacramento Police Department pointed out that man broke in in at least three vehicles and then in a neighbor's house.

Some newspapers are reporting this Thursday that a helicopter recording and the video of one of the cameras the agents carried on their bodies, in which some images of Clark running around the neighborhood can be seen before the police officers approached him.

The man stopped at his grandparents' back yard and then can be heard the officers say:'

Show me your hands', before shouted, 'Gun' and launched a rain of bullets against him.

Trough a press release the Police Deparment added during the shooting, the officers thought the suspicious was pointing with a gun fire.

The camera videos did not show clearly neither from the agents nor from the helicopter what was the suspicious actions that took place in the previous moments before being shot,but they found only a cell phone,and never a fire arm.

'Based on only videos I cannot guess the decisions of our officers in a split second, and I will not do that', emphasized in an official statement Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg.

'The investigations must be completed' .We need more information apart from the video, before presenting final conclusions, he added.

Community Activists and Clark's relatives have questioned why the officers needed to shot 20 times.

 Clark's brother whose name is Pharrell, declared to NBC News that the family wants justice for Clark's who described as a great father.

None of the policemen have been identified, and both remained in a paid administrative license to wait for the ending of the investigation.

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