JAMAICA | PNP Mourns the passing of Easton Douglas, OJ

KINGSTON, Jamaica, August 26, 2018: “Jamaica and the People’s National Party and are poorer this morning with the passing of a giant in the process of nation-building, a man who was a champion patriotism and epitomized the true spirit of Jamaican nationhood.”

JAMAICA | Phillips wants PM to name new Science & Technology Minister

Kingston, Jamaica, August 2, 2018: The Leader of the Opposition, Dr Peter Phillips says adequate time has now passed since the resignation of Dr. Andrew Wheatley as Minister of Science and Technology for Prime Minister Andrew Holness to provide the nation with information regarding his replacement and future direction and control of the Ministry.

JAMAICA | PNP Supports call to action against corruption

Kingston, Jamaica, July 19, 2018:The Parliamentary Opposition People’s National Party (PNP) says it is in full support of the Open Letter to Prime Minister Andrew Holness by the combined business and civil society groups calling for a meeting to discuss the corruption crisis. In a statement, today, Opposition Leader Dr. Peter Phillips said the party has found common cause with the umbrella grouping including the Private Sector Organization of Jamaica (PSOJ),  Jamaica UmbrellaGroup of Churches (JUGC), National Integrity Action (NIA), Jamaica Chamber of Commerce (JCC) and Jamaica Manufacturers and Exporters Association (JMEA), which has presented a six-point plan of action to the Prime Minister to deal with the nepotism, cronyism and favouritism at PetroJam, as well as, “other evils that have long scarred governance of public bodies”. He said the letter was frank and represented a serious call to action to address the issues which are most evident at the state owned oil refinery, PetroJam, NESol and the Universal Service Fund (USF), all of which are case studies of the evils raised by the organisations. Dr. Phillips said the crisis was virtually overtaking the government and fueling the decline in public confidence in the Jamaican authorities  and the PNP remains ready to assist in every way possible, to advance the agenda put forward, and to ensure that good governance practices return to central government operations and all public agencies. The Opposition Leader, said the party would be stepping up the pressure for the removal of the Minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Andrew Wheatley from the cabinet. He said it was a necessary beginning for the implementation of the proposals by the umbrella grouping and it would be an untidy arrangement for a cabinet Minister to have to be excluded from cabinet deliberations. Dr. Phillips urged the Prime Minister to heed to the urgings of the PSOJ, JUGC, NIA, JCC and JMEA and remove the Minister, who has become a symbol of breaches of established rules against corruption, nepotism, cronyism and favouritism.
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