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World Bank Group helps Ebola stricken countries

WASHINGTON, April 19, 2015–The World Bank Group (WBG)  has announced that it will provide at least US$650 million during the next 12 to 18 months to help Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone recover from the devastating social and economic impact of the Ebola crisis and advance their longer-term development needs. The new WBG pledge brings the organization’s total financing for Ebola response and recovery efforts to date to US$1.62 billion.

Ebola Drug Aids Some in a Study in West Africa

For the first time, a drug is showing promising signs of effectiveness in Ebola patients participating in a study. The medicine, which interferes with the virus’s ability to copy itself, seems to have halved mortality
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Vaccines move to Ebola frontline

Two promising Ebola vaccines will soon be tried on the frontline of the epidemic in West Africa, the World Health Organization has announced.
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Health and coming elections

AS we bid farewell to 2014, the thousands of victims in this and other Caribbean nations afflicted by the horrible chikungunya virus would most likely be prayerfully hoping to be spared another such unwelcome visit.
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America's 'cross your fingers' public health strategy

Maybe the country that claims to have the “best healthcare system in the world” can get away with ignoring basic public health strategies that have worked for centuries. Perhaps we can say, “It can’t happen here.”
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