CARIBBEAN named among major drug-transit countries

WASHINGTON, Mar 3, CMC – The United States Friday named several Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries as major illicit drug producing and  major drug-transit countries with some regional countries also being major money laundering countries.

Trump Presidency Threatens Caribbean Partnership Programmes

The uncertainty of what a Donald Trump presidency is likely to mean in all areas of foreign policy – economic, political, security, etc., fueled by lack of specifics during the campaign or since the election makes it extremely difficult to do otherwise than to speculate.
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Speaking Untruth to the Powerless – Donald Trump’s Presidential Bid

MIAMI, Florida, November 3, 2016 - Speaking truth to power is hazardous. ‘Power’ = capacity to control peoples’ behaviour. Governments – democratic or totalitarian – possess it. So do corporations exercising fictional but legal ‘personhood’ protected by the veil limited liability provides, or for that matter, organisations like the mafia.
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