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Cuba Calls on U.S. to Comply with Visa Commitment

Washington, Jul 12 (Prensa Latina) Cuba called on the United States in Washington to fully comply with its commitments to grant visas to emigrants in tune with the migration agreements signed by the two countries.

US Imposes Visa Sanctions on Myanmar, Laos for Not Taking Deportees

 The U.S. Department of Homeland Security imposed visa sanctions on Myanmar and Laos Tuesday, saying that since both Southeast Asian countries have refused to issue travel documents or accept nationals which the U.S. seeks to deport, they will no longer issue certain types of visas to higher level officials until they rectify the situation and stop the delay.

US Threatens Ecuador with Sanctions over Breastfeeding Resolution

A shocking report has revealed that in a clear intervention in favor of infant formula manufacturers, the United States government of Donald Trump threatened Ecuador over a breastfeeding resolution at the United Nations saying that it will levy trade sanctions against the South American country if it did not drop it.
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