Venezuelan Sanctions forces SVG rethink of Petro Caribe

As the United States continue to tighten its sanctions against Venezuela, the government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines has been forced to innovate in order to ensure continued fuel security and the upkeep of a Caracas-funded fuel storage plant.
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Venezuela: is a US-backed 'military option' to oust Maduro gaining favour?

When Donald Trump first floated the idea of a “military option” in Venezuela last year, he was widely rebuffed by regional leaders and policy experts. Even the US president’s closest aides were reportedly stunned by the suggestion of an invasion – which for many in Latin America evoked bitter memories of previous US forays in the region.

VENEZUELA | President Maduro does put our country first

In editorial article, “Put country first, Maduro” (6 Aug 2018), Nation News makes several thoroughly tendentious and disingenuous assertions including that President Maduro is the key problem Venezuela faces; that Venezuela’s economic model is “dismal” and; that since he cannot ‘be easily removed at the polls, some opponents are resorting to violence.
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