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ExpressMarijuanaCard Opens a New Front in the War on Medical Marijuana Scams

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--ExpressMarijuanaCard announced the opening of a new location in Key West, which will serve the residents of the Florida Keys and southern Monroe County. This comes as Express expands its unique brand of professionalized delivery of medical marijuana services. According to Express's medical director, Dr. Lopez:

Express will be opening a new location in Key West. Real medical care with your prescription cannabis, no shady salespeople, all without leaving the Florida Keys!Express will be opening a new location in Key West. Real medical care with your prescription cannabis, no shady salespeople, all without leaving the Florida Keys!

“Many services out there are actually 'referral services' that serve as smooth talking middle men, overcharging patients to see a physician they hire, short term. The doctor never actually interacts with the patients, and when patients ask the sales guy to speak with 'their physician', they are told it involves an additional charge. We have numerous patients every week calling with stories of being scammed by these so called 'medical marijuana practices.' I find it truly unfortunate that people with no medical background are taking advantage of these patients.”

Negative patient experiences like these build upon pre-existing stereotypes associated with marijuana, and threaten to deprive some of Florida's neediest patients of genuine relief. This is why Express, a veteran-owned and operated medical practice, is positioning itself as the state's most trusted source of comprehensive medical marijuana recommendations. The new location in Key West will be an important part of this campaign. The smaller size of the market here means less interest from similar practices operating further north, which presents an opportunity to enter the area early and positively impact how prescription cannabis is provided to the sick.

Treating the delivery of prescription cannabis exactly like any other medication is in stark contrast to the behavior of the many alleged “business hustlers” injecting themselves into the state’s medical marijuana industry. The results of professionalized cannabis healthcare are clear. Dr. Lopez states:

“Our patients with PTSD, anxiety disorders, insomnia, and others have found the neuroleptic properties of medical cannabis to be extremely beneficial to reducing their symptoms, helping in their rehabilitation process, and in some cases, to completely overcome these conditions.”

In addition to an online portal for medical records and the in-person physical examination, the physicians at Express offer a Doctor Direct Hotline, available seven days a week, for patients to text a physician and obtain an immediate response with the option of a callback upon request. Then, they use their over fifty years of experience to recommend the best medication, provide guidance and dosage adjustments, and manage the entirety of the patient's treatment plan at no additional expense. Express even offers house calls on a case-by-case basis, to better serve patients whose conditions leave them unable to travel. At the time of this writing, no other practice in the state offers this combination of services.

When asked about advice for patients considering medical marijuana but concerned about being taken advantage of, Dr. Lopez says, “I would recommend patients do their research and ask a lot of questions before choosing a provider. Even if they do not select us, they should demand ongoing care from their physician, especially after the recommendation.”

The website and address for the Key West office of ExpressMarijuanaCard can be found here, while the main webpage for Express can be found here.

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