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JAMAICA | Flooding wreaks havoc in Montego Bay-Schools closed

Debris along Union Street in Montego Bay after yesterday's heavy dounpour of rain. Debris along Union Street in Montego Bay after yesterday's heavy dounpour of rain.
MONTEGO BAY, Jamaica, November 23, 2017 - Schools in the greater Montego Bay area were ordered closed today after  flood waters wreaked havoc on the resort city of Montego Bay yesterday evening causing damage to buildings and vehicles.

The downtown area of Montego Bay was flooded after several hours of heavy showers on Wednesday afternoon.

More Mobay FloodingThe heavy downpour caused the major gullies in the western  city to overflow their banks, leaving roads, schools and several buildings flooded.

Many businesses in downtown Montego Bay were inundated including the basement parking lot at Baywest Shopping Centre where several cars were submerged.

The Rubis Gas Station on St James Street was also severely damaged, as were houses in North Gully and Princess Street.

Several people were left stranded, some walking for miles to get transportation or even walking home.

Montego Bay's Mayor Homer Davis says the Municipal Corporation would be meeting early this morning to make an assessment of the damage and to begin the cleanup process utilizing the resources at its disposal.

In the meantime, Prime Minister Andrew Holness will today lead a team of Government officials and technical personnel from the National Works Agency (NWA) on a tour of sections of Montego Bay, St. James. 

The NWA has advised that the main thoroughfare from Barnett to Adelphi remains impassible. A crew has been deployed to clear the road.

The Prime Minister Holness is to receive a preliminary report from the NWA on the impact of the flooding.

The country has been experiencing unprecedented levels of rainfall since March this year.

The extraordinary weather event has overwhelmed the drainage systems resulting in flooding.

Prime Minister Holness is urging residents not to cross flooded roadways and to remain safe during this period of unstable weather.

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