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Jamaica | Opposition PNP Objects to Politicization of Sports Development Foundation (SDF)

  • Written by wiredja News Team
  • Published in Sports
Peoples National Party Spokesperson on Sports, Natalie Neita Peoples National Party Spokesperson on Sports, Natalie Neita
Kingston, Jamaica: November 21, 2018 - The Opposition People’s National Party (PNP) through its spokesperson on Sports, Natalie Neita, is voicing strong objection to the announced appointment of the board of the Sports Development Foundation (SDF) by the Minister of Sports Olivia Babsy Grange.

In a press release today, the PNP said the appointment, as announced by Minister Grange, is in stark contravention of the articles of the SDF and serves only to politicize the entity.

"The SDF was established as a private entity and was designed in such a way as to prevent political interference and manipulation of the funds under its control. The articles of association of the SDF are very specific in how members of the board are appointed."

According to the PNP release, Items 42 to 47 of the Articles of Association deal specifically with the matter of appointment and removal of directors and contains a breakdown of the composition of the board and states that:

42: The Jamaica Lottery Company Limited shall be entitled to appoint four directors of the foundation.

43: The Jamaica Olympic Association shall be entitled to appoint three directors of the foundation.

44: The Jamaica Cricket Association shall be entitled to appoint one director of the foundation. (The Jamaica Cricket Association was entitled to appoint a director, because it is not a member of the Jamaica Olympic Association).

45: The Government of Jamaica, through the ministry of government responsible for sports, shall be entitled to appoint two directors of the foundation.

46: Every appointment made pursuant to Articles 42, 43, 44, 45 shall be made by notice in writing, signed by, or on behalf of the persons or organisations entitled to make the same.

47: The directors are to hold office for a two-year period and any such directors are to be removed from office at the discretion of the respective appointing bodies in consultation with the directors of the foundation.

The opposition spokesman noted that" the minister has thrown this out the window and has taken it upon herself to name the board of the SDF in breach of the articles of the SDF. The Government of the JLP and minster Grange in particular seems to have a particular fixation with breaching the articles of the SDF as a similar action was taken by the minister when she held the post in 2007."

"The SDF has contributed billions of dollars to local sports throughout its existence in keeping with its mandate. Recognised sports associations not only benefit from monthly subventions, but share in the acquisition of structural projects undertaken by the SDF. While it may be argued that there could be improvements in the efficiency and spend of the SDF, there is nothing to indicate that there is a need to change its nature, restructure its articles, or to reconstitute the manner in which the board is appointed," she noted.

"We are vehemently opposed to the blatant breach of the articles of the SDF by the minister, as this move only serves to disrupt the non-partisan nature of the SDF and will now open it up to political influence and consideration," Ms Neita declared.


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