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Red Stripe Beer Offers to Replace Jamaican Women's Bobsled After Coach Quits

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Featured Red Stripe Beer Offers to Replace Jamaican Women's Bobsled After Coach Quits
KINGSTON, Feb. 16, 2018 - Well known Jamaican brewers, Red Stripe Beer has offered to purchase a new bobsled for the Jamaican women's bobsled team after its coach, Sandra Kiriasis, quit in a dispute with the Jamaica Bobsleigh Federation.

 TThe Jamaican beer brewers made the offer on Thursday, after news broke about the situation facing the team in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

"When Red Stripe caught wind of the news, we immediately huddled as a team and made the decision to show our support,"Red Stripe senior marketing manager Andrew Anguin said in a statement. "We then reached out after receiving the information for the correct person at the Jamaica Bobsleigh Federation and began a dialogue on how we can help in any way possible."

According to BBC Sport's Anna Thompson, Kiriasis "threatened to take the team's sled" which she claims she owns. She added that Kiriasis "wants payment for it but the Jamaica Bobsleigh Federation declined and is disputing she owns the sled."

The former Olympic champion said she used her contacts to secure their previous sled and was "legally responsible" for its use.

She was demanding payment in order to allow Jamaica to use it.

Kiriasis told reporters she left the Jamaican team because the country's bobsled federation wanted her to move from driving coach to performance track analyst. 

"Sandra Kiriasis has elected not to continue her position," the federation said in a statement. "We are deeply disappointed in her decision to leave the program."

The Jamaican women's team, which is making its Olympic debut will participate in training heats Saturday, Sunday and Monday before competition begins on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Jazmine Fenlator-Victorian and Carrie Russell are hoping to become the first Jamaican women to compete at the Winter Olympics - 30 years after the Jamaican men, who inspired the film Cool Runnings, made history in Calgary.

It is the latest twist in a long-running saga regarding the equipment used by the women's bobsleigh team following the declaration by a Japanese manufacturer that they were considering taking legal action against the JBSF.

The Tokyo-based company claim to have had an agreement in place, whereby they created a bobsleigh for the team free of charge in exchange for it being used during the Olympics.

However, it is understood that, although the Jamaicans used the sled earlier in the season, they were forced to borrow another - via Kiriasis' contacts - after the manufacturer failed to deliver the craft to Europe in time for the second phase of the World Cup.

Using the replacement, they finished seventh at the Winterberg World Cup in Germany in December.

The best finish for a Jamaica team at an Olympics is 14th, by the men's four-man line-up at Lillehammer 1994.


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