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JAMAICA | Country has high regional ranking for Public Private Partnerships

Featured Finance Minister Dr. Nigel Ckarke Finance Minister Dr. Nigel Ckarke
Kingston, Jamaica:  12 June 2019- Minister of Finance & the Public Service, Dr. Nigel Clarke is highlighting that Jamaica is ranked #4 in Latin America and the Caribbean for its capacity to successfully undertake Public Private Partnerships (PPP) according to a recently released report by the Economist Intelligence Unit.

Speaking at the Development Bank of Jamaica’s 2019 Conference at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel yesterday, Minister Clarke noted that Jamaica’s ranking is a testament to the efforts made to build Jamaica’s PPP capacity, and it serves as an indicator that Jamaica can also transition to open, transparent, and competitive procurement for large scale infrastructure projects.

“Jamaica has more than doubled capital expenditure over the last four (4) years, but infrastructure requirements in water, sewage, drainage, roads, bridges, and other areas, far outstrip the capacity of government revenues. We will have to incorporate private capital to meet infrastructure development. This requires building domestic capacity in infrastructure procurement as open, transparent and competitive processes are known to deliver the best results.”

The Minister further noted that, “not too long ago, in the 1990’s and early 2000’s,  independent energy generation was procured using direct negotiations just as we procure Infrastructure projects today. This was borne of practical necessity then, with respect to energy, as is the case, with respect to infrastructure today. Also, transition did not happen overnight.”

The Minister stated that over time, the GOJ invested in the required domestic capacity to transition energy procurement from direct negotiations to being conducted by way of open, transparent and competitive processes, which has delivered huge gains to Jamaica.

“We must eventually make a similar transition with infrastructure procurement while recognizing that will take time to build and to become effective.”

The Minister noted that the Government of Jamaica has sought and is receiving technical assistance from the US Treasury to help build open, transparent and competitive infrastructure procurement capacity. “The competition that we will be able to eventually engender through an openly transparent and competitive infrastructure procurement process will result in benefits for the Jamaican people,” the Minister said.


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