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UK | Thomas Cook Declares Bankruptcy, Thousands Stranded

LONDON,September 23, 2019 - Some 150,000 British citizens have been left stranded overseas, while another 350,000 foreign nationals are also abroad on Thomas Cook vacations, according to the Financial Times, following the collapse of the world's largest travel company, Thomas Cook Group Plc under a pile of debt.
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United Kingdom | UK Conservatives Lose Majority In Parliament

On tuesday, Conservative MP Philip Lee announced that he has defected from the Conservatives to the Liberal Democrats, meaning that Boris Johnson’s government no longer has a working majority in parliament, There is now complete uncertainty as to whether there will be an election, or a majority prepared to vote for a no deal exit. 

British Overseas Territories Demand Self Rule

CAYMAN ISLANDS,  July 2, 2019 - Britain’s Overseas Territories are demanding self-government and have vowed to “stand together” to defend their right to self-government amid increasing concerns over “constitutional overreach” from the UK.

Britain sets up compensation scheme for Windrush Immigration Victims

LONDON, England, Wednesday April 3, 2019 – British Home Secretary Sajid Javid has announced a £200 million  scheme to compensate members of the so-called Windrush generation, including immigrants from the Caribbean, who were unable to prove their right to live in the United Kingdom.

BRITAIN | A genealogy of the term British reveals its imperial history – and a Brexit paradox

The genealogy of the term British reveals a fragile and contested historical identity – something Brexit has thrown into stark relief. In the 17th century, being British only had meaning as a colonial identity, when it was used to denote the projection of English and Scottish interests overseas. When the term was used within the geographical confines of Great Britain – and later in Great Britain and Ireland – its common use was in reference to the British government or the British constitution.
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