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WIREDJA ONLINE NEWS has been an editorially independent publication, free from the influence of big money and unsavory political influence. Our editorial team has been pleased to bring  you critical news and events that has shaped lives, impact businesses and drive trends in Jamaica, the Caribbean, Africa and the Diaspora.

Our WIREDJA team wants to continue empowering you with deep insights and valuable, unbiased information for decision making. However, like other publications internationally, the cost of bringing you cutting-edge information is becoming increasingly prohibitive while advertising revenue is falling.

Unlike others, however, we have refused to install a paywall as we want to keep our journalism accessible to all.

calvin brown at workWe need your help to fund our investigative and independent reporting to ensure that WIREDJA remains available to all.

Your donations will help us to continue to offer timely information to keep you in tune with the trends and ahead of the competition.

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WiredJA Needs Your Support

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