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Toni Morrison: American literary giant made it her life’s work to ensure that black lives (and voices) matter

The peerless novelist and cultural commentator Toni Morrison, who has died aged 88, never accepted the received wisdom about anything. In a writing career that spanned half a century – from the appearance of the first of her 11 novels, The Bluest Eye, in 1970, to that of her last essay collection, Mouth Full of Blood, in February 2019 – she unfailingly cast in new light both aspects of human experience and moments in American history that, in our complacency, we thought we already knew.

Do Black Lives Matter in Israel?

MONTEGO BAY, Jamaica, January 6, 2018 - The Andrew Holness led JLP administration, not unlike former Jamaica Labour Party administrations since Edward Seaga, continue to have a better than cordial relationship with the state of Israel, despite the fact that the Israelis have been hostile to Black people in general, and have displayed outright racist tendencies to black Jews, Palestinians, Africans  and all people of colour who have chosen to settle in Israel.

Racism impacts your health

Outside in public: Smiling, dressed real fine, manners on point. I am well schooled on how to be respectful, how to take up space, how to use silence when necessary. Travelling home on transit listening to music to drown out my day — filled with injustices from the minute I left my “sanctuary” ten hours earlier. Fumbling for keys, nearly pushing the door down to my home. All I experienced outside threatens to crash down my door and engulf my insides and swallow me whole. My breath struggles to calm itself. Grief shadows me through the hallway. I self-talk my way into the kitchen, slipping my armour off; my thick silver bangle hits the floor, the sound awakening me to reality. I am home. I sit still for a minute and contemplate how I will go out again to face the monster of anti-Black racism. I drink my tea quickly, and begin to make dinner. - Feb 9, 2018, author’s journal
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Netflix 'Luke Cage' Star Says Show 'Nod' to Black Lives Matter

NEW York: October 3, 2016 - The star of the new Netflix hit "Luke Cage," Mike Colter, said the new show—featuring a bulletproof Black man sporting a hoodie—highlighted the plight of many young Black people in the U.S. who have been shot dead by police and the decades-long struggle against such brutality.

Afro-Latin American Women Leading Fight Against Racism, Sexism

While The Cuban Revolution is known the world over for its advances in combating structural racism, anti-Black racism persists at a personal level, and a coalition of Afro-Cuban woman are borrowing a page from the Black Lives Matter Movement to complete the revolution´s unfinished business.

How Poor Black Lives Matter to U.S. Capitalism Today

A nation that will keep people in slavery for 244 years will “thingify” them – make them things… — Martin Luther King, Jr. 1967..........Black lives have always mattered to white America primarily as a source of economic exploitation. And white American authorities have never been particularly squeamish about killing and maiming Black Americans in defense and advance of that exploitation.
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