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Experts predict increase in Bitcoin earnings in 2021

Washington, Dec 29 (Prensa Latina) The behavior of Bitcoins in 2020 accumulated gains of 273 percent, a constant advance in light of which experts predict higher revenues in 2021, according to specialized media.

After a week of unstoppable progress, the cryptocurrency reached 28,000 dollars on Sunday, but in the last hours it balanced out in the order of 27,000 dollars, Xataka newspaper reported.

The site reported that the Deribit, a Bitcoin derivatives exchange house, predicted that the value of Bitcoins could reach up to 120,000 and even 140,000 dollars by October 2021 without ruling out possible drops.

Likewise, Bloomberg analysts affirmed that the Bitcoin will reach 170,000 dollars and Citibank experts estimate that it could reach a value of 318,000 dollars.

However, Xataka recommended caution to investors because in previous years the advance in the value of the currency prompted some to make wrong decisions.

They added that 2017 was the year of digital currency par excellence, with growth over 1,500 percent, going from 961 dollars to about 15,838 dollars at the end of the year.

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