GUYANA | Police continue investigation into threat against Opposition MP

Opposition Member of Parliament, Amanza Walton Desir

GEORGETOWN, Guyana, May 7, 2021 -  The Cyber Security department of the Guyana Police Force are continuing their investigations into a report by Opposition Member of Parliament, Amanza Walton-Desir of an alleged threat against her life made by businessman Roshan Khan on his Facebook page.

She told the police at the Brickdam Station, that In a Facebook post, Roshan Khan, a former member of the Ethnic Relations Commission allegedly made comments on social media, urging persons, to “mark” her.

“Indo Guyanese need to picket parliament and her home and everywhere she goes,” Mr. Khan said in a separate post. Adding that, “We must target her with sleepless nights.”

Walton Desir however took umbrage to the statement, noting that Roshan Khan who owns a security company must not be taken lightly.

“ I am a student of history and I understand how these things can escalate and cause degeneration. I am a mother, I have children, I have a family and therefore I am not at liberty to take the rantings of Mr.Roshan Khan, who served as a Commissioner on the Ethnic Relations Commission as anything more than serious. He more than anyone else ought to know that such words are incendiary and such calling for me to be marked I consider it a direct threat to my life,” Ms. Desir said.

She was accused of saying on a talk show, that East Indians are “mentally lazy”, but on the programme, “Politics 101 “she explained that in Guyana, “We have a bunch of mentally lazy people and so the PPP understands this very well and they capitalize on it.”

Amanza Walton Desir  has been one of a handful of Opposition spokesman who has been making a difference on the political hustings. 

General Secretary of the People’s National Congress Amna Ally, on Monday threw the party’s full support behind the Member of Parliament.

“We wish to make it clear that Amanza Walton- Desir, has our full and complete support as she faces these unwarranted, racist, and misogynistic attacks,” Ms. Ally said.

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