DIASPORA | Ed Bartlett to feature in Discussion with Diaspora on Lets Connect with Ambassador

DIASPORA | Ed Bartlett to feature in Discussion with Diaspora on Lets Connect with Ambassador

WASHINGTON DC January 21, 2022 – Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett is expected to tell Jamaicans in the Diaspora how Jamaica's tourism expects to rebound within the present Corona Virus environment when he joins  Jamaica’s top diplomat in the United States Audrey Marks on her monthly series, Lets Connect with Ambassador Marks, on Thursday January 27, 2022 at 7:00 pm EDT.

In announcing  Bartlett as her special guest, Ambassador Marks said the upcoming on-line townhall will not only update on current areas of interest or concern in Jamaica but will highlight the island’s development at 60 years of Independence with a focus on tourism, the county’s economic mainstay.  He will also highlight  the anticipated high numbers of diaspora members who are exp[ected to trave to Jamaica in 2022.

Jamaica's Ambassador to the United States Audrey MarksJamaica's Ambassador to the United States Audrey MarksThe Jamaican Ambassador to Washington  pointed out that: “given the inherent value of the Diaspora as a market for travel and tourism, and the lingering fears associated with the coronavirus, we believe this would be the perfect opportunity to remind Jamaicans abroad of the reasons they should still choose Jamaica as their preferred destination in 2022. We will also be sharing opportunities for investment in the Jamaican tourism industry.”

It is expected that Bartlett will give an update on the recovering Tourism Industry and outline the efforts being made to ensure the safety of visitors and workers in light of the country’s efforts to manage the proliferation of the new strains of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

"Lets Connect"  in keeping with the Destination Jamaica theme, will also for the first-time feature prizes of airline tickets and one-week hotel stays to loyal attendees over the past year.

“Let’s Connect’ With Ambassador Marks” offers members of the diaspora the opportunity to speak directly with the ambassador about issues that are of interest to them, be updated on the government’s policies and programs as well as the Embassy’s activities.


Photo Caption(I)Tourism Minister Hon. Edmund Bartlett. 

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