HAITI | Some 7,300 Haitians returned from Dominican Republic in April

HAITI | Some 7,300 Haitians returned from Dominican Republic in April

Port-au-Prince, May 6 (Prensa Latina) Some 7,300 Haitians returned in April from the neighboring Dominican Republic, almost half of them deported, the Support Group for Refugees and Returnees (GARR) denounced on Friday.

 Some 3,158 of them were repatriated; 3,246 decided to return; 856 were repressed, and over 2,800 testified to having been imprisoned before being taken to the border, the organization that safeguards the rights of migrants reported.

Deportations have increased since last year, amid diplomatic tensions between both countries and measures taken by Santo Domingo to curb the illegal crossing of Haitians.

In March, the GARR reported the return of at least 300 Haitians, some of whom claimed to have been mistreated, sexually assaulted and robbed of their belongings.

GARR also recently denounced that even Haitians with work permits in the Dominican Republic are targets of discrimination, despite the fact that they make up 28 percent of the labor force in agriculture and 29 percent in construction.

Despite their considerable contribution, they continually suffer discriminatory treatment based on the color of their skin or their immigration status. They are forced to work beyond the fixed hours (05:00 to 17:00 local time) and are paid significantly less than they should be, GARR reported.

In this regard, it encouraged Haitian authorities to facilitate the documentation of their nationals in order to legalize their migratory status.


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