GUYANA | Civil Servants disturbed by wanton dismissals by Gov't

President of the Guyana Public Service Union, Patrick Yarde

GEORGETOWN,  Guyana, June 10, 2021 - Civil servants in Guyana are not comfortable with the high level of dismissals that have been taking place among their ranks, since the Irfaan Ali/Bharrat Jagdeo administration took office, and  after months of legal challenges regarding the integrity of the election on 2 August 2020. 

The Guyana Public Service Union with responsibility to represent civil servants, is  celebrating its 98th anniversary and has criticized the government for what it considers the “willy nilly’ dismissal of public servants.

Since the government took office back in August last year, hundreds of public servants have been sent home, some with no reason for their dismissal.

Last week, more than 70 were sent packing from the Guyana Water Incorporated and another 100 will be sent home in the coming weeks.

In his anniversary message, President of the Union, Patrick Yarde said it has become a sad state of affairs for the civil service in Guyana.

He said “Members reported that they feel intimidated – terminations of workers’ employment are being done ‘willy nilly’. Workers are being placed on the bread line and left vulnerable, while other sectors are favoured with billion-dollar awards. This conflicts with political commitments and rhetoric publicly stated by the current Government, during its campaign and after being sworn into office.” 

The GPSU President said  there were legally binding agreements between the Government and the Public Service Union. In addition,  the union has sought meetings with the government to address issues facing the workers, but is yet to receive a response.

“Requests to discuss increases in wages, salaries and enhanced conditions of service, have gone unanswered and representations made to address grievances are constantly being frustrated,” The GPSU President noted.

The union is of the view that the challenges that it has continuously faced over the years to address workers’ issues are now escalating.

Yarde claimed that there are ongoing political attempts to undermine the Union’s credibility and disrupt relationships within the union.

“The membership has proven over time that they are not puppets, through a display of high intellect and professionalism. These qualities are most appreciative and have proven to be the strength of our beloved Union. It is noteworthy to highlight these strengths in summary: professional but not puppets; patriots not politicians; and last but not lease principled, not perverse. The GPSU is committed to the protection of all members and confronting any and all attempts at depreciating their image, including vile attempts to put them at risk,” the Statement concluded.

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