ST. LUCIA | Pierre To Make Emancipation Day Major Calendar Event

ST. LUCIA | Pierre To Make Emancipation Day Major Calendar Event

CASTRIES, August 2, 2021 - St Lucia’s newly elected Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre  says his administration is moving to make the annual observance of Emancipation Day, on August 1, a major event on the island’s national calendar.

In his  message to commemorate Emancipation Day,  when enslaved Africans in the British Empire on wer4e on August 1, 1838 abolihed from slavery, Pierre said “it marked one of the most significant event in our history when 13, 285 people from 384 plantations here were freed from slavery.”

However he expressed the view that in the past, the commemoration of Emancipation Day has not received the importance it deserves, with many regarding it as another holiday in Saint Lucia and not a day of reflection on the true meaning of the occasion.

The Prime Minister  went on to note  that while slavery has been abolished, the mindset and racial attitudes that brought African people to the Caribbean and the Americas still linger.

In a speech in which he announced the immediate reinstatement of a government subvention to the Saint Lucia National Trust (SLNT), the PM also declared that as a people, Saint Lucians must remember the struggles of their forefathers while preserving and protecting the heritage they left.

“As we recognise this occasion, we also need to remind ourselves that we need to fight against attitudes that belittle our patrimony and cultural heritage whenever and wherever they exist, ” Pierre declared in his Emancipation Day message.


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