CUBA | Joe Biden Remains Cold to Cuba's Economic Plight

CUBA | Joe Biden Remains Cold to Cuba's Economic Plight

WASHINGTON DC, July 15, 2021 - United States President Joe Biden is not about to withdraw the sixty year old economic embargo of Cuba  and has made it clear that Cuba is not top priority for his administration. He  has considered its government a failed state that is repressing its citizens and its political ideology, communism a failed oncept.

Responding to questions at a News conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in the East Room of the White House in Washington on Thursday, Biden said that among the things he would consider doing to help the people of Cuba, would be to free up the ability to send remittances back to Cuba. But he said this  would “require a different circumstance or a guarantee that they would not be taken advantage of by the government.” 

Biden noted however “I would not do that now because it's highly likely that the regime would confiscate those remittances of big chunks of it.” 

“With regards to COVID-19,  the US President said  “I’d be prepared to give a significant amount of vaccines if in fact I was assured that an international organization would administer those vaccines, and do it in a way that the average  citizens would have access to those vaccines,” Biden declared.

He added that in light of the internet having been interrupted by the government, one of the things we’re considering is whether we have the technological ability to reinstate that access.

On Thursday, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, two Miami GOP House lawmakers and a federal communications official called on the Biden administration to implement a special type of high-altitude communications system and other technology that would enable Cuban citizens to evade the  government’s censorship.

It also follows a meeting Republican Senator Marco Rubio had with the White House on Wednesday in relation to release of the technology. Cubans began to have more access to internet again on Wednesday after a blackout following the protests

In relation to Haiti,  the US President said the U.S. will bolster security at its embassy in Haiti following last week’s assassination of that country’s president, but sending American troops to stabilize the country was “not on the agenda.”

Haiti’s interim government last week asked the U.S. and the United Nations to deploy troops to protect key infrastructure following President Jovenel Moïse’s assassination. Biden said he was not open to the request. “We’re only sending American Marines to our embassy,” Biden said. “The idea of sending American forces to Haiti is not on the agenda,” he added.

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