EDUCATION | School Board awaits direction from Education Minister regarding Ruel Reid

EDUCATION | School Board awaits direction from Education Minister regarding Ruel Reid

KINGSTON,  November 1, 2021 - The board of Jamaica College is awaiting a response from the Ministry of Education following its referral of the matter involving Ruel Reid's special leave to Education Minister Faval Williams at its Board meeting last Tuesday. 

The Board, having examined recommendations submitted by the Ministry of Education on how to deal with the issue of extending special leave with full salary and benefits to former education minister Ruel Reid,  Board members voted unanimously to send a list of recommendations to the Education Minister in relation to whether Reid will be able to keep his job as principal of Jamaica College.

Speaking with Radio Jamaica, the  chairman of Jamaica College, Michael Bernard said that the purpose of the recommendations is to determine how to deal with matters relating to Mr. Reid going forward.

The JC Chairman said the Board was happy with the work being carried out by the acting principal. But according to Mr. Bernard, "the board does not wish to be forced into approving any special leave".

Mr. Reid's special leave ends on November 20, however, in August he requested to have his leave extended.

Last Wednesday, Education Minister Fayval Williams told the House of Representatives that it was the Jamaica College board that had the authority to determine the fate of Mr. Reid as principal, based on the Education Regulations, and the board had failed to submit recommendations in relation to the matter. 

However, Mr. Bernard refuted those comments on Friday, saying it was the board that was awaiting a response from the minister after receiving the request from Mr. Reid on August 2 to extend his leave. 

He said the board had sent a request to the Ministry of Education for guidance and continued to hold discussions with the ministry from August 5 to October 25 regarding the matter.

 The Jamaica College board is expecting a response from the minister by November 10. 

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