JAMAICA | Announce level of budgetary support for School reopeni9ng says Brown-Burke

Shadow Minister on Education and Training, Dr. Angela Brown-Burke

KINGSTON, Jamaica June 15, 2021 - The Parliamentary Opposition says it is heartened by the Minister of Education’s announcement that summer school will be voluntary for students.

In a statement this afternoon, Shadow Minister of Education and Training Dr Angela Brown Burke said Given the challenges faced by parents and students over the past several months, this was the only sensible decision.

Dr Brown Burke is again calling for national collaboration with all Education stakeholders during this time. She expressed that the Minister must quickly engage educators who have a  good understanding of the depth and complexity of the issues facing the education system to help craft solutions. She maintains that there are enough examples of institutions that are doing well, and from which struggling schools can learn.

Further, on the basis of what is already known about the challenges faced by educators and parents, the Shadow Minister is urging Minister Williams to provide the country with an indication of the initial budgetary support that will be provided to help principals and administrators prepare for the new school year.

In reiterating a critical point she raised in the sectoral debate, Dr Brown Burke is again highlighting the need to pay greater attention to the Early Childhood and Special Education sectors.

She implores the Minister to build a national consensus around a retention and remediation programme for children who have fallen way behind in the development of their literacy and numeracy skills. She said, “Our children need to learn to read so that they can then read to learn and access all areas of the curriculum.”


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