VP Records boss Patricia Chin hailed as an immigrant success story

VP Records boss Patricia Chin hailed as an immigrant success story

Jamaica’s Ambassador to the United States Audrey Marks has lauded the contribution of Ms Patricia Chin and her Husband “Randy” in both the development of Jamaica’s Reggae music genre and its promotion through their business Randy's Record Mart and VP Records.

“Since its emergence, reggae music has come to be known as the “heartbeat of the world”. However, any credible study of this important genre which has remained a significant feature of Jamaica’s cultural heritage, will reveal Mrs. Chin’s remarkable contribution to its growth in Jamaica and across the globe,” Ambassador Marks said.

“From their humble beginnings as Randy’s Record Mart in 1958 — founded by Pat Chin and her late husband, Vincent “Randy” Chin – the Chins were instrumental in introducing and giving prominence to many new reggae stars. Their relocation to the United States in the 1970s where they established a reggae empire known as VP Records, constituted a groundbreaking move, given their singular role in introducing several artistes to the international scene and building a new wave of reggae legends, including Beenie Man, Bounty Killer, Lady Saw and Sean Paul,”  she said.

“I laud Ms. Pat, as she is affectionately called, for her philanthropy and unwavering commitment to the continued growth and development of reggae music, evidenced by the establishment of the Vincent and Pat Chin Foundation which supports music education in the Jamaican Diaspora and the Caribbean and seeks to “preserve the history of reggae and Caribbean music,” she continued.

Ambassador Marks said It is noteworthy that proceeds from her recently released book, “Miss Pat – My Musical Journey”, will also go towards supporting music education. In addition,  her support for Alpha Institute in Jamaica has gone a far way in enhancing the facilities and upgrading their musical technology equipment, to the benefit of thousands of boys who have walked the corridors of this important institution over the years. “She is leaving a legacy which will outlive her for generations to come,” Ms Marks declared.

“I am always inspired by the remarkable contribution of members of the Jamaican Diaspora to the economic, social, cultural and political landscape of the United States. Ms. Pat’s life stands out as an immigrant success story, blazing a trail of excellence in entrepreneurship which has inspired many other Jamaicans to pursue similar dreams in their adopted homeland,” Ambassador Marks noted.

The Jamaican envoy pointed out that MsPat’s journey served as an inspiration to women, not just in Jamaica and the USA, but also across the globe.   

“Ms. Pat is, without doubt, a cultural icon, whose life is one of fusion with reggae music for more than six (6) decades.  Whether Ms. Pat chose music or music chose her, Jamaica and indeed the world is a better place as a result of her courage and fortitude in overcoming the odds and making her mark in the music industry. I therefore join Jamaicans at home and in the Diaspora in celebrating the life of a legend,” Ambassador Marks concluded.

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